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Organic Bio-Restoring Horse Shampoos

Organic Bio-Restoring Horse Shampoos

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Specifically formulated for pony and horse mane, skin and coat the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Shampoo's unique properties ensures that the skin and coat is lustrously clean and healthy and smells just wonderful too.

Being rich in Arnica the highly concentrated Quistel Equine Shampoo is highly recommended for Sweet Itch and Mud Fever (including Rain Rot, Mud Rash and Dew Poisoning).

Rejuvenates saddle, harness, rug and hood rub and stimulates re-growth on bald spots

Our Equine range of grooming products are popular with both horse and pony owners and horse professionals.



For normal use dilute this Shampoo 1:10 with water.

Wet coat with warm water, apply the shampoo and massage into the coat and onto the skin until it foams lightly (remember that natural products do not form large suds).

Leave the Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Horse and Pony Shampoo for a minimum of 5 minutes. If the coat or skin condition is sub-standard then leave for up to 15 minutes to work its magic!

Always Rinse thoroughly.


Did You Know:

That you should always groom your horse properly whenever it has engaged in strenuous outdoor activity and even more especially when it has been exposed to mud, grime, dirt, flies and general debris. 

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litres

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