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Organic Bio-Restoring Bird Spray Lotion

  • £950

Quistel’s bio-restoring Plume spray is a water-based ready-to-use spray for your bird, which enhances and beautifies the natural sheen of plumage.

Regular use helps to keep plumage in good condition and encourages preening.

Contains Arnica Montana and other natural ingredients including garlic extract, carrot extract, flower extracts and linseed oil, with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which clean, help to soothe irritations, restore the skin and deter mites.



For best results, use regularly once a week or as required.  Spray birds lightly from rear at a distance of 15-30 cm (6-12”), using 2-4 pumps per bird according to size. Keep birds out of draught after spraying. Can be added to bathing water, dilute 1 to 30.


Did You Know:

That this spray can be used on all types of birds such as... Budgerigars, Canaries, Cockatiels, Macaws, Parrots and Pigeons to name a few!  It can also be used on small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters!