We love to hear from our customers and finding out about how their pets are enjoying our products.  Below you can read a selection of testimonials that our customers have kindly sent in.  If you would like us to feature your testimonial then please email it to customers@quistel.com, thanks!

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"My Westie, Wilma has had really bad skin for a while, having had various treatments from our local vets and a particularly nasty outbreak of really sore oozing irritated skin the poor thing just couldn't stop scratching and biting she was almost demented and so was I!

Someone in a post about Westie skin problems recommended your products so I thought I would give it a go, I placed my order and was delivered very quickly Omega-3 and after just two days treatment Wilma's skin had calmed and 
she had stopped scratching and chewing, I am so very pleased with the product I have ordered the shampoo, spray and ear cleaner and have already recommended quistel to 3 other people who are eager to try it on their dogs Wilma and I would like to say a huge thank you".

- Sandra Tranter


"We have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, aged 4 years. The female (Holly) developed a skin problem about 18 months ago and has had ear problems since being a pup. We have spent a fortune at the vets and pet supermarket but nothing seemed to help with the skin problem or ear problem. She constantly licked her stomach, during the day and night, and now has no hair under her belly or inside her hind legs. She air scratched at her ears, and her ears thickened and were constantly thick with dried wax and skin. She was quiet, always lying in the corner not joining in. I even tried omitting food and treats to see if that helped but it did not. We were recommended Quistel by another dog lover last weekend and on the Bank Holiday Monday we went to Robinsons in Ashton in Makerfield and purchased a trial bottle of shampoo, ear cleaner and skin spray. We discussed the problem with your managing director who was promoting your product. We immediately begin using the products and instantly saw a difference. Holly is now alot better, 8 days after beginning treatment. She rarely licks the area. Her ears are a lot better - no thick wax, no dried skin no odour, the ears do not seem as thick and she does not air scratch towards her ears. She is alot happier, moving alot more not lying in the corner. I would definately recommend the products to other dog lovers, as we are really pleased with the difference it has made to Holly in just a few days."

Thank you, Mrs Catherine Marlow