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Organic Bio-Restoring Horse Spray Lotions

  • £1050

Quistel’s Organic Bio-Restoring Lotion comes in a handy spray bottle and has been specifically formulated for topical use on you horses and ponies coats and mane.

As with our Equine Shampoo, our Lotion Spray is rich in Arnica and is highly recommended for use as a topical spray onto areas affected by Sweet Itch and Mud Fever (including Rain Rot, Mud Rash and Drew Poisoning).

Use topically to rejuvenate saddle, harness, rug and hood rub… and stimulate re-growth on bold spots.



Spray the specific areas of the coat often and as desired.

Does not have to be rinsed so leave to dry naturally to work its magic!

Spray on bedding to help eliminate odour and to naturally disinfect.


Did You Know:


That our Lotion Spray is formulated especially for both Horse and Pony!

You should always groom your horse properly whenever it has engaged in strenuous outdoor activity and even more especially when it has been exposed to mud, grime, dirt, flies and general debris. 


Available in 250ml and 500ml with Spray Pumps and 1 & 5 Litre Refill Sizes.


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