Organic Bio-Restoring Dog Conditioners - 250ml

Organic Bio-Restoring Dog Conditioners - 250ml

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Our Organic Bio-restoring Conditioner is the perfect, natural way to soften and moisturise your dogs coat.  It instantly neutralies the hardening agents in the hair to make the coat soft, shiny and more manageable.

Quistels Organic Bio-Restoring Dog Conditioner is specially formulated for dogs with normal to dry coats and can be used after washing your dog with shampoo.  This amazing pet care grooming accessory is also very popular with pet care professionals such as dog groomers.



This Conditioner is concentrated 10:1 for therapeutic use and should be diluted 1:10 parts water for normal regular use.


Did You Know:

That Quistel’s Conditioner is made from a unique blend of 18 centrifugally extracted organic herbal essences that help to elimanate matting and other conditions that starve the skin of air and can cause flaking and dandruff.


Available in 250ml, 500ml and Trial Size!

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