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Summer Grooming Care Tips For Horses!

A healthy horse's coat in top condition should gleam and shine in the summer, whether its under the sunlight in the fields or under the lights of the show ring.   Their coat and mane should be a rich, full colour, that you can almost see shimmer as it reflects the light. Regular daily grooming such as brushing and washing contributes to your horses coat by helping to remove dirt and invigorating the skin... it can also help to keep them cool in the summer because a clean, short coat allows perspiration to evaporate more freely.  Horses of course will sweat more during exercise in the summer, and if the sweat is allowed to dry on the hairs it can damage...

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Get 20% OFF On Black Friday!

This Friday, Quistel is having its first ever 'Black Friday' Sale... and we're offering a massive 20% Off EVERYTHING!!! Just use discount code BLACKFRIDAYQ2014 when your checking out to get 20% OFF our organic pet shampoo, conditioners and lotions sprays for your dogs, cats and horses or choose from our amazing range of pet health products like our world famous ear cleaner, omega 3 oil, pet collagen and coconut oil. And don't forget, this November you get a FREE lavender lotion with all orders of £9 or over! Thanks :)

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Our NEW Lavender Fragranced Pet Lotion

  This November we're delighted to be trialling our exciting NEW Lavender fragranced pet lotion! It has all the benefits of our original lotion but with added Lavender which is known for its calming effects and with a delightfully fresh odour. We decided that the best way to trial our new products is let our amazing customers try it for FREE... so we're giving away a FREE 50ml trial Pet Lavender Lotion with every order over £9 (excluding postage)! We'll also give you one our 10% online discount cards for your next purchase! We'd love to know how you get on with the lotion and would really appreciate your feedback... which can be left via our Facebook page (, by email...

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Buy a 50ml Ear Cleaner & Get a 50ml Lotion Spray For FREE

This October we're giving away a FREE 50ml Lotion Spray with every purchase of a 50ml Ear Cleaner... thats two handy pet care products for the price of one! If you haven't tried our Ear Cleaner, and you have a pet that suffers from ear problems then we think your pet will love our soothing ear cleaner!  Its one of our most popular products, used by pet owners and pet professionals across the world... its even recommended by vets!  You can find out more about the ear cleaner here. Our Lotion spray is a versatile, effective grooming and pet care product... its a great way to quickly clean your pet if their a bit smelly after a walk, you can use...

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