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Its Italian Spinone Week!!!

This week has been Italian Spinone week on Quistel... and what a busy and brilliant week its been. We knew that this week would be popular with a lot of our customers and facebook friends... our products thankfully have a big following in most breeds but we knew that some of our products were very popular with Spinone owners. For instance we do sell a lot of our ear cleaners to Spinone owners as Italian Spinone do get ear infections. We've also supported and promoted Italian Spinone events and charities... so its a breed that we've that got to know and we have to admit that its become one of our favourites. Its been great fun this week finding out...

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Big Thanks To The Bichon Frise

We're a little bit late writing this blog post... to be honest we should have done it days a go but its been such a busy week for Quistel, lots of sales, lots of enquires and lots of planning because obviously Christmas is only round the corner and its going to be a busy period for Quistel (hopefully). We have lots to tell to you all... but first we really wanted to thank everyone that contributed to our 'Bichon Frise Week'. Its only the second week of our 'Dog Directory' and the Bichon is only the second breed that we've featured, the first being the Shih Tzu. We've been blown away by the interest that its received and we've loved...

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