Quistel Is Changing Its Name!!!

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As we move into the new decade it’s the perfect time to implement a rebranding change and revitalise the business started in 2005 by CEO Tracey Peake. It makes sense to bring her pet business, formerly known as Quistel in line with her Peake Health for people, which has traded since 2002.

The streamlined approach gives a fresh start and an opportunity to expand the range and drive the business forward. This makes 2020 so exciting and all the staff look forward to what the future holds.

‘Clean pets are always happy pets and the organic formula we use in the Peake Pet Care grooming range is the result of years of research and a deep understanding of what makes the very best in pet hygiene and skin care’

Our therapies help many pet owners deal with their pet’s health issues without having to seek the vet.  They are increasingly sought after in preference to drug therapy, often with huge cost savings.

We often get word of mouth recommendations, which we are grateful for as that is the best form of advertising, so we would like to thank all our customers for playing their part in our success.

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Please note that our transition from Quistel to Peake Petcare will be gradual and it will take time for us to implement the new name and branding on all of our marketing and products, so initially we will be using both brand names until we can phase the name in.

Again we thank you for your support.

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