Quistel's 'Breed Of The Week' - Shih Tzu

So to kick things off and to celebrate our brand new 'Dog Directory', our very first Quistel 'Breed Of The Week' is the very beautiful Shih Tzu!

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We decided to celebrate this adorable breed first because Septembers 'Pooch' competition was won by a Shih Tzu, beautiful little Betty... and in general the breed seems very popular with our customers and our facebook friends.

To be honest the Shih Tzu is the perfect breed for a company like ours because its a breed that needs lots of grooming, so Shih Tzu owners need lots of dog shampoo and dog conditioner to keep those magnificent coats looking their very best!

Please check out our Shih Tzu page and also take a look at our Facebook page which is full of Shih Tzu photos and fun facts!

Each week we will select a breed to focus on... but we're open to suggestions!

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