Pet Collagen For Cats & Dogs

Have you ever considered giving your dog or cat collagen?

It really is an amazing product that can help to keep your pet fit and healthy!

Collagen supplements the protein in your pets body and numerous clinical studies have shown that collagen is a very effective way to treat degenerative joint disease.

Its also particularly good at helping to keep your pets coat shiny and healthy, so it's great grooming supplement as well. Collagen also works well to keep your pets teeth strong and healthy!

Quistel stock's Xenca's Revitalise Collagen and it available as capsules or as a powder... and its great for both cats and dogs!

“After spending lots of money on inflammatory injections that didn’t seem to help, the vet wasn’t sure why Mitzi had been limping for weeks and suggested expensive X-rays. After only 3 days on Xenca collagen capsules one at night, I saw a difference in her. Before she was carrying her leg and most days I had to carry her to and from the field for her walk. After just 7 days it was like Mitzi had never had a problem and I could cancel the vet appointment and save my money. Xenca collagen capsules have worked miracles in days!”
Julie Davenport , Bury Lancs.


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