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As most of you probably know, Quistel runs monthly competitions that are designed to be a fun way to reward our loyal customers, Facebook friends and Twitter followers by giving them the opportunity to win some of our grooming products. Our competitions are mainly photo contests that we run via our social media accounts and website, and these rules will hopefully help to make sure that our competitions are fair.

01 The competition is open to everybody, world wide... so it doesn't matter if you live outside of the UK, if you win a prize then we are happy to ship it overseas to you.

02 You can only enter one photo per competition, but that photo can feature more than one pet. We've decided to introduce this rule so that it gives everyone a fair chance to win a prize.

03 To enter the competition you can either email your photo to, post it onto our facebook page ( or tweet us on Twitter (@QuistelPets). Can we ask that if you are entering the competition that you clearly tell us that the photo is for the competition and that you include your pets name.

04 The competitions are run mainly via our facebook page, its just the easiest way for us to host the photos and to share them with our customers and friends. We must point out that our competitions are in no way affiliated or associated with Facebook or promoted or endorsed by them.

05 The competitions generally run for about 5 weeks, they begin at the start of the month and then at the end of each month we announce the top 2 photos. The top 2 are then given one more week, before we announce who has finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.

06 The winner of the competition is based on the number of votes (Likes) that the photo has received, again Facebook is the easiest way for us to host this type of competition. However, we must point out that Quistel's decision is final and that we do reserve the right to disqualify anyone that we feel might be cheating or not following our rules and guidelines. The competitions are meant to be fun and fair.

07 For our regular photo contest we actually give prizes to the top 2 pets, so first place wins £50's worth of Quistel and 2nd get's £25's worth!

08 If you are lucky enough to win a prize in one of our competitions then unfortunately we can't allow you enter another one for 3 months. We want the competitions to be fair, so we'd like everybody to have a good opportunity to win some of our products... this way the prizes aren't always going to the same people. 

09 We are aware that some of you use competition support groups on facebook in order to get more votes i.e 'Likes For Likes' for your photos, we are aware that some of you trade and exchange likes with other group members in order to help each other win. This is something that we have had complaints about, people seem to be divided about whether or not this is fair or cheating. Its a difficult one, and to be honest we're undecided about whether or not we want to stop this practice or whether we can... mainly because its hard for us to monitor it. We would prefer that people vote on photos that they like, pick a favourite or a few favourites... rather than just 'liking' a photo because you've agreed to exchange likes. Please do share your photo with friends and family, as many times as you like... there is nothing wrong with being competitive and wanting to win, but we do reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we feel is cheating or not playing fair.

10 As we've said above, there is nothing wrong with being competitive... we know a lot of you love our products and want to win but don't let your competitive nature get the better of you.... there is at least one competition every month and plenty of chance to win some of our products. We have recently had a few complaints and accusations, apparently there have been some nasty comments left on some of the links to photos in our competitions. If we see anything like this, any nasty comments that can be linked to anybody that is in the competition then we will disqualify them and block them from the page. Also if you are going to report somebody then take a picture, we would need to see evidence before we could take any action.

11 Also please note, that we really don't want to see any of our competition winners selling the prizes that they have won. If we find out that this has happened then we will block that person from our page... we give our products away as prizes because its a great way to reward our facebook friends and customers... and more importantly to treat the winning pet to some of our amazing grooming therapies. So please use the products and enjoy them!
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